Sport and Club Courses
Sport and Club Courses

PR for Sports Clubs
Sports Clubs Development
The Art of Coaching in Practice
Sports Clubs Management in Practice
How to Market Sports Clubs
Financial Management for Sports Clubs
Sports Management
Introduction to Exercise Science
Athlete Management in Practice
Sports Club Manager in Practice
Sport Business Innovation
International Certified Football Coach
The Art of Identifying talented athletes
The legal Trends for Sports Clubs
Building Effective Football Teams
How to Communicate with your Team and motivate them
How to Deal with Difficult Players
Sports Media & Communications for Sports Clubs
Sport Management and the Business of Football
Private Sports Enterprises in Practice
Internal Auditing for Sports Clubs
Sports Injury Management in Practice
Report Writing Skills for Coaches
How to deal with Naughty Fans
Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Management
The Art of HRM for Sports Clubs
Sport and exercise consultancy in Practice
The Common Ten Mistakes for Football Coaches
Marketing Professional Athletes
Sports Revenue Management in Practice

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