Municipality and Civil Council Courses
Municipality and Civil Council Courses

The Applications Of IT in Municipalities
Strategic Fleet Management for Municipalities
Potential of municipal service partnerships.
Strategic Management in Municipalities
Developing the Skills Of Managers & Supervisors in Municipalities
Municipal Finance Management
Municipal Administration in Practice
Introduction to Local Government
Municipal Financial Management
Management in the Municipality
Municipal Administrative Structure
Municipal Accounting & Finance
Introduction to Municipal Accounting and Financial Reporting
Capital Infrastructure, Fund Accounting and Reporting in Municipalities
Employment Law and Human Resources for Municipalities
Parliamentary Meeting Protocol
Municipal Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Engineers
The Art of Addressing Modern Urban Waste
Exceptional Customer Service in Municipalities
Women Role in Municipalities
Project Management in Municipalities
Internal Auditing in Municipalities
EFQM in Municipalities
Strategic Planning in Municipalities
The Art of Winning Elections in Municipalities
Supervision Skills for Municipalities Staff
Risk & Crisis Management in Municipalities
TRIZ Theory in Municipalities

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