Family and Personal Development Courses
Family and Personal Development Courses

自我 & 时间管理
Personal Time Wasters
The Three 'P's of Setting Goals
Proactive Vs Reactive People
SMART(ER) Objectives
Organizing Your Workspace
Eliminating Procrastination
Assertiveness For Influence
Five Assertiveness Skills
The keys of having a happy family
个性 & 压力
The 压力 Response
Sources Of Work 压力ors
Recognizing 压力 In Other People
Proper Counseling Technique and handling of Questions
The 'Fight Or Flight' Mechanism
压力管理 Techniques
Developing Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Use Of Emotions As A Source Of Valuable Information
Effectively Communicating Under Pressure & When The Stakes Are High
Effectively Managing Conflict In The Workplace
Teamwork : Being A Team Player
Behavior Style Analysis - Amiable, Expressive, Analyst, Driver
Communication Styles & The Appropriate Use Of Them
Understanding Different Perspectives & 观点
The Effectiveness Of Good Written Communication
Ensuring Effective Two-Way Communication
The Dynamics Of Face-To-Face Communication
Factors Affecting Communication
How To Deal With Difficult People
Ten Rules of A Happy Family
Assertiveness Techniques
The DESC Script (Describe, Explain, Say, Commitment)
Choosing Different Techniques To Handle Difficult Situations
Transactional Analysis: Understanding How And When To Use It
How To Be An Ideal Parent
Understanding Yourself & Emotional Intelligence
Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence
自我激励 & Effective 压力管理
How To Deal With Your Kids
Handling Conflict Positively in Your Family
Ten Mistakes that lead to Divorce
8 Steps For Highly Effective Negotiation
Building Relationships: Effective Strategies For How to Work with People
建立平衡 & Letting Go of 压力
批判性思维 & Problem Solving Skills
How to Prevent Identity Theft In Your Organization
How to Reach Your Personal Best
Present With Confidence
Principle-Centered Leadership
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
个性 Disorders
The Power of Persuasion
The Power of Purpose
Dealing With Conflict and 愤怒
Innovation is Everybody's Business
Working on 个性 Changes
Developing a Perpetually Positive Attitude
Expanding Your Professional Network
Finding Your Purpose & 激情
压力-Free Relationships: How to Work with Any 个性
Proactive Career Management
The 7 Dos and Don'ts of Building Your Professional Image
The Essentials of Credibility, Confidence and Composure
The Extraordinary Benefits of Positive Thinking & 自言自语
The Introvert's Guide to Building Rapport With Anyone, Anywhere
Public Speaking in Practice
Creating Confidence – Developing your personal power and presence
Body Language in Practice
Gentleman Dressing, Dress Ethics
Conversation Skills, Gestures and ex压力
Etiquette in Business & 个人生活
Handling Our Own Aggression & 愤怒
Coping With Depression
How to make People Love you
Conflict Management : Introduction to Conflict, Causes of Conflict,
Co-ordination between verbal and non verbal message
How To Connect With your Partner At a Higher Level


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