Finance and Accounting Courses
Finance and Accounting Courses

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting
Financial Analysis Workshop: A Hands-on Approach
Certificate in Financial Management
Certificate in Treasury Management
Certified Accounting Assistant
Consolidation Business Combination and Investment Accounting
Enterprise Risk Management
Financial Analysis, Planning and Control
The Complete Course on Budgeting
Financial Analysis, Planning and Controlling Budgets
Setting and Controlling Budgets
Essentials of Corporate Finance
Understanding Finance to Influence Strategic Decisions
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Understanding Financial Statement
Advanced Financial Statements Analysis
Process Excellence in Financial Services
Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process
Budget Preparation Skills
Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
Financial Management for Non-Financial Professionals
Financial Risk, Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
Financial Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting
Advanced Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
Advanced Budgeting and Cost Management
Financial Strategy: Essential Finance Management Skills
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Budgeting, Forecasting and The Planning Process
Financial Strategy and Accounting Skills
Business Financial and Accounting Skills
Finance and Accounting for Office Administrators and Secretaries
Corporate Financial Planning , Budgeting and Control
Strategic Planning, Management Control & Effective Budgeting
Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control
Advanced Strategies in Oil & Gas Finance & Accounting
Oil and Gas Accounting and Performance Measurement
Fast Closing Month-End & Year-End Accounts
Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis & Evaluation
The Essentials of Budgeting & Cost Control
Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting
Foundations of Financial Modeling
Advanced Modeling with Excel & Visual Basic for Applications
Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting & Business Planning
Accounting, Decision Making, & Financial Communication
Fundamentals Of Accounting & Finance
Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance
Financial Accounting, Reporting & Business Support in the Oil and Gas Industry
Corporate and Finance
Developing, Improving & Monitoring the Internal Audit Function
Financial Boot camp for Non-Financial Professionals
International Certified Internal Auditor
Mastering Finance for Non-Financial Oil & Gas Personnel
Advanced Business and Financial Reporting
Accounting Policies and Procedures
Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations
International Financial Reporting Standards
Financial Market Trading Analysis
Cash Flow Statement : Preparation and Analysis
Inventory Accounting and Costing
Fundamentals of Accounting for Administrative & Support Staff
Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting
Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management
Certified Management Accountant
Financial Statement Consolidation and Investment Accounting
Financial Modeling Workshop Using Excel
Preparing Financial Statements and the Annual Report
Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures
Financial Management From A To Z
Professional Financial Controller
Accounts Payable: From Accounting to Management
Accounting for Non-Accountants
Cost Management Between Theory & Practice
Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies Management
Advance Business and Financial Reporting
Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting
Fixed Asset Accounting and Management
Chartered Financial Analyst
Accounting for Performance and Control
Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Best Practices
Advanced Budgeting Workshop
Dynamic Business Reports and Dashboards Using Excel
Accounting and Comparison of IFRS and GAAP
Financial Forecasting: Tools and Techniques
Internal Control: Compliance, Operational and Financial

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